Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Binks

Happy Birthday to The Binkster!

Ten years ago today, Binks entered this world.  I blogged about her birthday last year and showed a picture of when she was born. . .the one where she looks like an alien.  But today, I'm putting up a recent picture of her and her "I'm kind of a big deal" T-shirt.  For those who need catching up, I created the pug, The Binkster, as a character in my debut mystery, CANDLE APPLE RED, before I actually found the real deal.  She's my first ever dog, and it's just crazy that she's already ten!

BTW, I have a few extra T-shirts left over: mediums and XXL's.  (Sad to say, the larges and XL's are long gone.)  If you are interested, go to my website -- -- and write a message in my guest book with what size you would like and your snail mail address for shipping. There aren't tons of T-shirts left, but I'll send them out till they're gone.

And again, Happy Birthday, Binks!  You're the best!