Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The minibar

I'm in NYC with my daughter and sister for the RWA conference.  That would be the Romance Writers of America, although I have yet to set foot in the conference hotel.  On Monday I did "take a meeting" with my publisher, Kensington Publishing, and discussed many, many issues facing the publishing industry today.  My head still reeling with the amount of information I'd received, I returned to my hotel room and decided I needed something from the room's minibar.
Now, in the past I've played fast and loose with the minibar.  I pull something out with the intention of replacing it before the hotel employee comes to check because I refuse to pay $1300.00 for bottled water.  However, THIS minibar has an electronic code which flips up the price as soon as you pick up the item.  Good God.  I could die of thirst because I can't pay that much.  I refuse.  What is it about hotels that makes them overcharge so MUCH.  I know they have me over a barrel but they're flogging me, too.
Today -- top of my list -- a trip to Duane Reade and a purchase of bottled water and Toblerone.  (I don't usually eat Toblerone, but it's always in the minibar and now I want some.)
More later as I work on this problem...

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  1. Haha! Nancy you are hilarious. I want to know what your publisher said about the future of publishing that made your head spin- could you do a post on that?

    And Hush is on my wishlist- I have two books in front of it then can't wait to read it! It's going to be on kindle right? xo