Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Jane Kelly Alive and Kicking?

Thank you Jane Kelly fans out there! I love Jane, too!
And Dwayne, and The Binkster!

I plan to continue their adventures as soon as humanly possible. But right now I am having a blast writing romantic suspense/thrillers with my sister and on my own.

WICKED GAME written with Lisa Jackson (my sister) started the story of The Colony. It's being re-released in May 2011 in anticipation of its sequel - WICKED LIES which will be out May 31, 2011.

My New Year's resolution was to be better at updating my fans and took me till April, but hey, I'm doin' it.

My next thriller HUSH debuts in July 2011 and I'll reveal some of its secrets next time.


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