Friday, April 22, 2011

So, I am at the beach. . .

My sister and I decided to go to the beach for an intense writing session.  So far, we have spent a lot of time watching TV, eating meals that are chock full of far more calories than we need, cruising around on the Internet checking out other blogs, wondering if now's the time to start that exercise regimen, deciding against it, taking a walk on the beach instead, cracking each other up over typos we can't seem to stop making (ever noticed how the "k" and the "d" keys are for the same finger, different hands.  Played havoc with my kick-off party. . .) and generally using up valuable writing time hanging out together.  That said, I'm making headway on my latest thriller and so is Lisa.  How, you may ask.  Not sure. . .something about a time/space continuum thing, maybe.  BUT. . .we are working.  Please note we took a break to take this picture for publicity purposes only, not because we were enjoying surprisingly nice April weather on the Oregon coast.

Question: Beach Makeup?  Answer: Sunglasses.


  1. That's a great photo, and I like the sunglass look!

  2. Just like back in school and the first real nice day everyone wants to "study" outside!!! Yeah right, we just wanted to be anywhere but the classroom. Hope you had fun.

  3. That's why I love my iPad so much. It has become the perfect companion, because it is essentially a tiny and lightweight micro-Mac. It allows me to actually do work outside without having to schlepp around a whole laptop.

    Using the Pages word processor for iPad, which ties directly into my desktop version, I can now go out in the backyard and do revisions and edits of my book manuscripts. I can write blog posts in my Adirondack chair, I can even continue writing my novels - not as fast as on a computer keyboard, but hey, with the wind around my nose, who cares?

    It allows me to instantly switch to a thesaurus and dictionary, or browse the web for additional research.

    In a word, it is perfect if you want to untether yourself from the desk and that computer screen.